Interview: Harley St. Dr Gabriela Mercik

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Editor Jenny Taggart interviews renowned Harley Street doctor Gabriela Mercik. Gabriela’s career began 17 years ago in cardiology and internal medicine. Opening a clinic in the prestigious 56 Harley Street, London in 2012, Gabriela is a much sought after international speaker in the world of anti ageing medicine. Creating the unique aesthetic/cosmetic brand – DR GABRIELA – based on molecular water, she is constantly researching and extending her skincare brand.


Where were you born & raised?

I was born and grew up in Poland.

What was your path to becoming a Harley St. Doctor?

After I graduated university in Poland I trained as a doctor. I then worked in the best hospital in Poland for heart and lung transplantation. It was a specialised hospital – a pioneer in its field of organ transplantation and at the same time, the best place to gain experience as a doctor.

Was it always your childhood dream to become a doctor?

I believe that we all have a mission in our lives. From an early age I dreamt of one day becoming a doctor. As I became an adult I always liked to help people and felt it was my mission to make people happy by improving their appearance. This gives them confidence to both look good and feel good.

You created your own skincare brand, what was the inspiration behind this venture?

I created my own line of cosmetics because I found myself searching for creams which I could recommend to my patients. Their main aim was to moisturise and hydrate the skin. I slowly started to lose faith in finding such products, then a patient asked me why didn’t I consider creating my own brand of cosmetics. The idea was initially crazy to me but I forged ahead, and in time produced my first ‘Aesthetic Serum’, which contained a unique formula and hyaluronic acid… I was only missing a name for it. My nurse at the time, had the idea to brand the cosmetics with my name. However some patients could not pronounce my surname so they have given me the nickname ‘Dr Magic’ instead of Dr Mercik! And thus I created the very first serum, which I named ‘Dr. Gabriela Magic Face Lift Serum’. Soon after I added additional products to the range – ‘Magic Rain’ and ‘Moonlight Dust’ – created using water with active oxygen, a truly unique product with astonishing results.

You have a very impressive VIP client list, can you share any famous names with us?

We have our own select clients, but we treat every single patient as a VIP. Due to confidentiality, we cannot name them, but if you follow our Instagram or Facebook, you can see the odd hint! Our social media platforms also offer helpful advice, such as tips on keeping the skin youthful and ideas for a healthy lifestyle.

What’s a typical day in the life of a Harley St. doctor?

My usual day starts at 9am with healthy aloe vera juice and a cup of coffee. Then I see my patients, train my staff, introduce new technologies and new treatments – hence the need to be constantly training myself. Work is my true hobby, time flies when I work – that’s why when I saw leaves falling from the trees this autumn I was surprised!

How do you like to unwind?

I love travelling. I always plan and look forward to my next trip, like children await the unwrapping of Christmas gifts! I love to try new cuisine and meet new, interesting people. Travelling is my motivation to work hard every day.

Favourite restaurant/bar in London?

Favourite restaurant is Roca, an excellent seafood restaurant in London.

Favourite city in the world?

My favourite city would have to be Singapore. I like the Marina Bayview, where you can see the whole world is around you. Paris for fashion, Barcelona for ice-creams, New York for Christmas, Venice for romance, Krakow for family time and Fintona when I need to hide from the world.
 I don’t have one favourite destination, but many! I love love to visit Athens, I have vacationed there around 12 times.

How will you be contributing to THE STYLE EDIT?

The Style Edit is a new, exciting platform and I am so honoured to be a part of it from the very beginning. I will be offering advice and tips on skincare, skin health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Just to be more fun, I was too serious

What are you most proud of?

I am proud that as a single mother I have raised a wonderful son and at the same time, I have not lost myself on the path of my career. I achieved my dreams – I work on the most famous medical street in the world, I have my own clinic, I employ people offering them the opportunity to grow and learn, and I am building a thriving workplace where it’s a pleasure to be every day. My dream for the future is that more and more people will discover my cosmetics, for a simple reason: they are organic. I created them after I was ill with cancer and every single ingredient is researched with passion. They stimulate strong rejuvenation of the skin and if used for a sustained period of time, you will not have to book an appointment with an aesthetic doctor. 
I am very proud of this skincare line.

Who is your hero?

My hero is Gabrielle Chanel, my mum and my grandma – as they have always been strong and independent women.

What are your favourite beauty products?

My favourite beauty products are my Dr Gabriela Magic Serum and Monoderma Vitamin E in capsules, both of which I use with my Platinum Lift Cream and Magic Rain.

Favourite gadget?

I love gadgets! I have plenty of them as the world of technology fascinates me. I am currently creating something unique, what will be available from Valentine’s Day 2018 and will cause a major change in the world of aesthetic medicine. I believe that women do not need any type of surgery, because thanks to the new technologies we can look fresh without undergoing invasive procedures. Secondly I am very excited with my new laser, recently introduced into my clinic. It provides non-invasive facelift without any needles and can get rid of snoring issues in a mere 15 minutes!

The virtue?

I am an entrepreneur and I learn very quickly.

The vice?

Speeding, not only in a car, but when making important decisions in life as well. Maybe this has added to my success!

Your favourite designer?

I like Chanel, Baczynska, Lobacz ,Dolce Gabbana and Valentino.

What’s the best holiday you’ve ever been on?

Vacations to Cuba and Asia.

Any advice for budding entrepreneurs?

Believe in your dreams and follow them.

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